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Jun 13, 2016

Discover Britney – Song Of The Week – Edition 11 – What It’s Like To Be Me feat. Justin Timberlake

Welcome back to another edition of ‘Discover Britney,’ where we highlight Britney songs that were not released as singles. This way, you can share a song a week with people that have not yet had the chance to hear flawless tracks from Britney’s albums. Spread the word!

If you are an avid Britney stan, you will know that almost every track from a Britney album (in an ideal world) should have been released as a single. So many people have been deprived of some of the most timeless tracks and we feel that they should be heard. Join BritneyGalaxy on Spotify, where we will add one track a week to our ‘Discover Britney’ playlist. Your gym playlist is set for life!


Yes, you read that correctly. Britney and Justin did leave a musical legacy before the world was thrown off it’s axis by a break up that never should have happened. When a couple, perfect in every single possible way, split up, it makes it hard to believe in ever lasting love, does it not? If you were around during this time, you will know exactly what we are talking about. Relationship goals set so high, no celebrity pairing has ever (and will never) been able to match it. Take a seat Kimye, Justney forever.

Forget our rant (those therapy sessions are helping, we swear), let’s focus on the pure genius of this undeniably flawless track. From the glorious violin opening, the song is unmistakably Justin and could have easily been a track off his iconic debut album, Justified. This musical pairing happened just before Justin ventured on his highly successful, chart smashing solo career, giving us glimpse of what to expect from ‘Mr. JT’, minus his four *NSYNC co-stars. The track was written by Justin and ‘Slave 4 U’ choreographer Wade Robson. Both clearly know exactly what makes Britney click, they know how to bring out her ‘fierce’. After all, that Slave choreo is arguably Britney’s most iconic to date.

The song is pure power, from the hypnotizing violin, to the classic JT beat boxing in the dance break, to the arm swaying electric guitar at the end, you will find your sassy self out in full force within minutes. God help that someone who thinks they are worthy enough to be in you presence right about now… ‘And that deceives you baby, I’m not your average lady,’ damn right, B! Boy do we know it!

Britney’s third studio album, ‘Britney,’churned out seven smash hit singles, so we are little upset that this number never got to see the light of day, an eighth single would not have hurt! Could you imagine the music video? A remixed version with an extra verse from Justin? Wait…. Come to think of it, we do not think we would have been ready for a Justney slayage in music video form, our hearts would not have been able to take it…

Best Lyrics: ‘Take your time or you’ll loose, this is my game, my rules.’

Songwriters: Justin Timberlake, Wade Robson

Producers: Timberlake and Robson

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