Could A New Britney Movie Be In The Works?

Okay, so our flawless member Elle Woods, found this awesome bit of news for us… Could Britney be starring in a new movie? We sure as hell hope so!!


CUT PRINT FILM: How did you arrive at the idea of the meta-aspect of Amira selling pirated romantic comedies for a living?

SEAN MULLIN: One of my first screenwriting jobs, I was hired to write a screenplay for Britney Spears, so I worked with her for about a year. In order to prep for that job, I watched every romantic comedy that’s ever been made. There are so many horrible romantic comedies out there, and I learned everything not to do from watching all of those. I did want to take a couple jabs at them. I did think there was something kind of ironic about a character who sells these cheesy kind of movies on Canal St. and is unwittingly caught up in her own love story.

Click HERE to go see the ‘Untitled Britney Spears Project’..


”A romantic comedy about a wealthy, feisty young woman who mocks her infertility by adopting three children behind her husband’s back – only to learn that you can’t put a price tag on true love.”

Sounds very interesting… but after all he does say one of his first jobs… so could this be an old project that did not materialise? Well, you will have to wait and see..