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Mar 10, 2016


It has been a whole 7 years since Britney released the super racy, ‘If U Seek Amy’…

This is Spears’ raunchiest tune to date, mainly due to its title which sneakily spells out, ‘F-U-C-K ME.’ This created major outrage by parents all over the world, when after buying the ‘Circus’ album for their children, discovered them dancing around the house singing lyrics that basically spelt out the F bomb. This clever word play is not entirely original; both Memphis Slim and April Wine have songs called, ‘If You See Kay.’

‘If U Seek Amy,’ was written by legends Max Martin, Shellback and Alexander Kronlund along with the Texas Savan Kotecha. Martin is responsible for many major Britney hits, including her debut single, ‘’…Baby One More Time.’’

An Edited version was immediately released, when most radio stations refused to play the original track in all its glory… hence, ‘If you See Amy,’ was born… now that just does not make any sense now, does it?

Britney altered the original concept of the music video. The description and storyboard of the original concept leaked online before the video’s release. The main difference between the original concept and the finished version was Britney being completely clothed. Other changes also took place, however the original ending remained in play.

One source prior to release commented on the video stating, ‘The concept of the video is for Britney to make her way through an exotic party, while seeking a woman named ‘Amy,’ with many hot and sexy encounters along the way. In an unusual twist, the characters in this video supposedly go from nearly naked to fully dressed, as opposed to the typical strip down with progression format. That doesn’t sound very sexy, but the party is supposed to get sexier even as the guest get dressed and by the end, Britney has gone from wearing a super sexy pair of black leather underwear and dancing around provocatively with ‘’all of the boys and all of the girls,’’ to putting on a new face and looking like a prim and proper conservative upper class housewife. As the video concludes, Britnet grabs an apple pie from the kitchen and is joined by the perfect American family at the front doors as they approach a group that awaits on the other side of a the picket fence, including paparazzi, fans and the media. Apparently it’s going to end with the camera zooming in on Britney’s beautiful smile as she winks at the camera, as if she’s putting on a front for the media and public camped outside of her house. Sources who were on the set tell StarzLife the idea for the final scene was something like ‘The Brady Bunch’ meets ‘Edward Scissorhands. ‘’ The concept was pretty close…

A possible minor outtake from the video, a photo agency who was taking pictures outside the house in the video while the video was being shot wrote that, ‘’ the front door of the house had a red heart reading, ‘I Love You,’ in large letters.’’ It is unknown if this was used at all.

The presenter at the beginning of the video is a piss take reference to the Fox presenter, ‘Megyn Kelly,’ who was expressed negative comments towards the track.

The censored video and the ‘dirty’ cut video have minor differences, these can be seen here:

Rolling Stones writer, Daniel Kreps defended the track against moaning parents stating that they should be aware of Britney’s tracks by now and that this is nothing new. He basically stated, you knew what you were buying, why are you so surprised..

The UK was the first country to release the single as, ‘If You See Amy,’ however many countries including Australia did not release the edited version and continued to play the track uncensored on radio, claiming it was not as obvious as many hyped it up to be.

The video was directed by Jake Nava, who previously worked with Britney on, ‘My Prerogative.’ Many people failed to realise that the video gives a nod to her debut video, ‘…Baby One More Time.’ This can be seen in the gif below. The little girl with Britney is wearing the school girl uniform, pink pig tails and all.

James Montgomery of MTV described the video as, ‘a pretty amazing amalgamation of all things Brit, and a nice primer of her entire career up to this point.’’ Daniel Kreps of Rolling Stones compare the party video to the 1999 film, ‘Eyes Wide Shut,’ and added that, ‘this may be the first Spears video ever crafted strictly with the morally-lax internet in mind, a brazen clip that doesn’t have to tone down it’s explicit nature lyrically and visually in order to get airplay.’ Chris Johnson from Daily Mail compared Spears’ housewife style to one of her looks in a 2001 Pepsi commercial and Leah Grenblatt of Entertainment Weekly said, ‘It’s kind of difficult to believe the song’s real meaning will get past even the thickest listener, the video itself is pretty tame…almost disappointingly so.’ She then went on to compare Britney’s housewife scenes to the late Marilyn Monroe.

Let’s celebrate this milestone by raising those Vevo views…

… and by watching this epic Vegas performance from Britney’s Remixed 2016 residency.

Brit said it herself…’All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to If U Seek Amy…’ Happy Birthday!