Celebrating 5 Years Of ‘I Wanna Go’ – Britney Spears – With Interesting Facts

Today marks the fifth birthday of Britney’s, ‘I Wanna Go,’ her third single off her smash hit album, ‘Femme Fatale.’

This Max Martin and Shellback penned track features a Euro-pop whistle motif. The song was one of seven that co-executive producer Max Martin contributed to Femme Fatale and his relationship with Brit goes way back to her debut single, ‘…Baby One More Time,’ which he wrote. When asked by Rolling Stones to comment on her working relationship with Max Martin on Femme Fatale, Britney said, ‘Max played a huge role on this album and he has been there since the beginning, so there is such a huge level of trust. He gets exactly what I am saying when I tell him what I want and don’t want musically. His melodies are incredible and he is always coming up with weird sounds, which I love. The whistle on, ‘I Wanna Go,’ still gets me every time I hear it. Who would have thought of that? There is nobody I feel more comfortable collaborating with in the studio.’’

The music video co-stars Weeds, Scandal and Half Baked actor Guillermo Diaz.

One of many pop culture references that litter the video is a movie theater marquee that reads “Crossroads 2: Cross Harder,” alluding to the 2002 film, in which Britney had her first major role. Piliero told the New York Post it was, “a fun Easter egg for fans. Plus, Die Hard 2: Die Harder is the most ridiculously awesome way to title a sequel. It just felt like the right thing to do. When Britney saw it, she loved it.”

Britney’s ‘fuck you’ quote is from the movie ‘Half Baked,’ used by the movie’s lead actor Guillermo Diaz. As mentioned above, he is also an actor in Scandal featuring Columbus Short, who had a fling with Britney back in the day..how is that for linking the degrees of separation..

The music video for “I Wanna Go” was directed by Chris Marrs Piliero and was filmed in Los Angeles, Calafornia. Piliero wrote the opening press conference scene as a tribute to the film Half Baked (1998), which he is a massive fan of. He explained, “That scene resonates with everyone as the epitome of the greatest way to quit your job, and just blow people off. I felt like that would just be such a perfect way for her to tell the reporters to eff off.”The music video also references Terminator, another one of Marrs’ favourites. Marrs Piliero first asked actor Kellan Lutz to co-star the clip with Britney; however, Lutz turned down the role, saying that “there were a couple of weird things about the part that didn’t make sense”, including the scene where he was going to pour milk on himself. Piliero then thought of asking one of the stars of Half Baked, which is how Guillermo Diaz became part of the video, explaining that it “would make it come full circle.” Piliero watched all of Spears’ videos and wanted to pull what he loved from them, but also give it something fresh. Piliero felt that all of her references to the paparazzi in her previous videos had been more of a statement than an action, and for “I Wanna Go”, he wanted her to have the opportunity to fight back.

The video was intended to reference all things Britney. Notice the reference to her Mickey Mouse Club days from her T-shirt? The ‘Crossroads’ reference? The Paparazzi overload? Piliero also felt that none of her videos had really taken advantage of her comedic timing, from shows like ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ saying, “She never had a music video where she could show her acting chops and have fun with comedy while being super bad-ass. That was my goal from day one: I wanted her to be funny, bad-ass and super cool.”

The music video was released on the 19th June 2011 and was met with extremely positive reviews from the critics, some commenting that it was great to see a more comical side to Britney in her music videos. An editor for VH1 called the video “fan-freakin’-tastic” and compared it favorably to the music video for Katy Perry’s ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F), saying that “they share a silly temperament, a flirty star, and funny cameos. Upon closer examination, though, Britney’s video blows Katy Perry’s out of the water.”

The video was Britney’s first music video to be VEVO certified. Unfortunately VEVO was not around for Britney’s other videos, as we are positive almost all of them would have been in the billions by now.

Celebrate with us by watching the epic music video below:

Happy Birthday, ‘I Wanna Go!’