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Finally!!!! S&M Rehearsal Video Leaked

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Britney Featured In VH1’s New Show Titled “I Love The 2000s”

VH1 stanning hard for the queen!!! Britney is featured on Vh1’s new show that aired yesterday with her own segment titled “The Year In Spears”.

Their 2000 episode featured “The Years In Spears: Oops I did it again” segment & their 2001 episode featured “The Year in Spears: Slave 4 U” segment. Vh1 even tweeted about it for some attention 😉

Can’t wait for more Britney segments til the rest of the decade

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Ooh La La Main Vocal Leaked!!!

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UPDATED: Britney & Rihanna Billboard Music Award Rehearsals DETAILS + PHOTOS


Rihanna doesn’t sing some of her verse during the rehearsal. She just sits there, doing nothing. She wears black glasses.  Britney also mimes during the rehearsal. There are crowds.


The good news is that the rehearsal is expected to leak soon so stay tuned 😉

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Planet Hollywood: No New Songs For Fourth Leg


Planet Hollywood confirmed on their twitter that NO new songs are added to the fourth leg setlist.

Sounds very Britney-ish let’s be real.

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