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Posted on
Jan 31, 2019

[email protected] Might Be Working With @only1DANJA For #B10! @justtranter


There is a HUGE possibility that the legendary miss Britney Spears might be working with the amazing producer Nathaniel “Danja” Hills (who is responsible for many of the big tracks on #Blackout such as #GimmeMore and #BreakTheIce) on her new album!

According to Primary Wave, which is an entertainment company Danja is involved with, Danja has worked with Britney Spears on “Multiple Tracks” for her 2019 release on RCA Records (most likely referring to her 10th studio album #B10 which is executive produced by the iconic Justin Tranter). This means B10 will probably be released this year! It also mentions Danja both producing and writing (P, W) songs for her new album.

We hope this is true! Justin Tranter, thank you for slaying us all! Danja and Max Martin are the #1 fan choices and producers that the #BritneyArmy have been demanding for years! Can’t wait for #DanjaNey! Danja, Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Ilya, Calvin Harris, Benny Blanco, StarGate, Shellback, Mattman & Robin, Billboard Matt, DJ Snake and Dillon Francis would be amazing #B10 additions!