Britney’s 9th Studio Album #B9 is 80% Done! @britneyspears @larryrudolph

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This is very EXCITING news!

Britney’s upcoming 9th studio album is 80% done! @LarryRudolph confirms in an interview with the Las Vegas Sun! Larry also reveals many more intricate details about #B9 and the new revamp of the Vegas show #PieceOfMe in an amazing 30 minute podcast which you can listen to here.

Here are some highlights of the interview:

-#B9 is about 80% Done

-Favorite album that she has ever done

-A different sounding direction (“a turn”) in comparison to her previous albums (“Britney meets The Weeknd”)

-Not as straightforward pop as her previous albums

-Interesting overall vibe

“People will absolutely love it and she sounds amazing on it; she has done “alot of writing on the album”. “She has not sounded better in I don’t know when”

-“Not titled yet since it isn’t finished”

-Bringing the #PieceOfMe show overseas is being considered but not concrete (Larry gave examples: Europe for 3 weeks and Asia for 3 weeks)

-Britney herself put together the Missy Elliot dance medley in her Vegas show

-Her last #PieceOfMe show in Vegas is on December 31st, 2017

What an exciting interview! Can’t wait for #B9 and new music from Britney!

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