Britney Talks to E! News From the Set of Hew New Video


Britney Spears took a little break from shooting the music video for her upcoming and eagerly anticipated new single Make Me (Oooh) to speak exclusively to E! News’ Mark Malkin about her new album. It is now confirmed that the video is being directed by David LaChapelle. Britney looked super refreshed and sexy as well as extraordinarily relaxed and spontaneous while describing the album as: “A little melodic, a little more not so poppy” also adding  “It’s kind of chill. Very chill.” We can’t contain our excitement! She even talked a little bit about what kind of music she’s into at the moment. The best part is, that the rest of the interview will air tomorrow!

Britney has been working on her ninth studio album for almost 2 years now. According to E! News the single is expected next month and the album is slated to drop sometime this fall.


Source: E! News

Britney Spears is ready to give birth—to her new album.

“It’s very exciting,” the pop music megastar told me earlier today. “I’ve been working on this project for a year and a half now, almost two years so it really means a lot to me. It’s my baby.”

What should we expect? “It’s a little melodic, a little more not so poppy,” Brit said of what will be her ninth studio album. “It’s kind of chill. Very chill.”

I caught up with Spears exclusively on the set of her music video for the album’s first single, “Make Me (Oooh),” a collaboration with rapper G-Eazy.

Directed by David LaChapelle, expect to see lots of skin. In a pic that Spears posted on Instagram of her and G-Eazy, she showed off her killer body in a barely there ensemble.

When we chatted, Spears, 34, was wearing a nude bodysuit with a black lace overlay and thigh-high boots. “This is just what I’m wearing to go eat lunch,” she joked.

“Make Me (Oooh)” will likely drop next month followed by the full album in the fall.

Spears recently wowed her fans by performing a medley of her hits at the Billboard Music Awards. Later in the show, she was presented with the Billboard Millennium Award.

The singer’s playlist these days may not be what you’d expect. “I’m old school. I like classic rock,” she said. “I like The Rolling Stones. The Lumineers are really cool. Sade is nice. I like 80s music, too.”

Can we just back up for a second and suggest that Spears collaborate with Mick Jagger?

Start me up, indeed! (Spears did include her rendition of “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” on her second studio album.)

This certainly isn’t the only Britney we have for you. For more of our exclusive chat, check out E! News tomorrow night at 7 p.m. and 11 p.m.

Later Britney tweeted this steamy picture from the shoot:

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