Britney talks Starbucks, Selfies and Her New Mobile Game In Cosmopolitan Interview

As part of the promotional campaign for “Britney Spears: American Dream” mobile game, Britney Spears gave yet another short but sweet interview, this time to which was published today. In it, Britney talks about her favorite Starbucks order- Passion Tango Herbal Tea! (We guess Hibiscus Berry is now her second choice). She shares words of wisdom for people trying to break into the biz and confirms what we all already guessed: She loves Instagram and selfies! And we love her for it!


Check out the article HERE or read the full interview below:

You’re a regular Starbucks customer IRL — what’s your go-to coffee order?
Passion Tango Herbal Tea is my drink of choice.

So what made you decide to debut an iPhone game, which I’m obsessed with already, BTW. And what’s been your favorite part of the design process?
Thank you so much, I’m really glad you like it! I just think it’s going to be so cool to interact with my fans in a whole new way … I was really involved in the overall look and feel of the game. My favorite details are the different outfits I wear in the game because I’ve worn [many of] them in real life.

Are there any characters in the game that are maybe based on real-life people — like how everyone speculated Willow Pape in Kim Kardashian’s app was, you know, Paris Hilton? I’m wondering about that villainous Aston Kole in particular, TBH.
No! The game is its own little world.

So when you’re not playing it yourself, what are some of your other go-to apps?
Other than my game, I love Instagram.

Obviously, because you’re a selfie queen — what are some of your top tips for taking good selfies?
Just have fun and never take yourself too seriously.

And what’s your best IRL advice for people looking to break into the music industry — folks without you as their fairy godmother specifically?
No matter what, never give up on your dreams.

How can we not love this woman?

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