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Nov 28, 2015

Britney Spears sends a fan a condolence card! @britneyspears


This is really incredible.

Our girl Britney sent a condolence card to a Britney Army member named, Nancy Valdez. Nancy recently lost her husband and has been feeling under the weather lately. Britney sent Nancy a card in the mail expression her sympathy to Nancy. Check out the card below:


sorry 2

Today I received a surprise card in the mail by…….BRITNEY SPEARS!!! I’m still in shock, I wish my Boo Bear Tomas Valdez was here to share this moment with me. He was supposed to take me in Dec and I feel he still wants me to go. Thank you so much @britneyspears @hannahspears for being there for me during this horrible time in my life and for your support, thanks for caring about me! Brit wants me to pick a date for one of her 2016 shows in Vegas and she has 2 tickets for me


We are very sorry for your lost Nancy and just always know the Britney Army is here for you. We love you very much and thanks for always being an awesome member of the Britney Army.