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Jan 14, 2016

Britney Spears ranks as the most marketable music artists! @britneyspears


When it comes to making ranks Britney has no problem making the top ten. According to Business Insider Britney is one of the most marketable music artists right now.

Popstars have always been hot property for marketers. Bag an endorsement deal with a live music star, and you sign up for your brand being projected in front of millions of fans, who all hang on their idol’s every word and sartorial choice.

Repucom, a sports and entertainment intelligence and advisory company, released a report on Thursday detailing the top 10 most marketable music artists in the world.

The popstars are ranked according to their “Davie Brown Index” (DBI) score out of 100, which assesses consumers’ views of more than 8,000 personalities in 15 markets around the world.

For this report, Repucom interviewed Americans aged between 13 and 24-years-old and asked questions about their awareness of each artist, the artist’s appeal, the degree to which they take notice of the celebrity when they appear in the media, whether the celebrity is a trendsetter, the influence they have on culture, the trust they have in their words and image, whether they think that celebrity is an effective brand spokesperson, and how aspirational the celebrity’s life is.

Britney landed at #8 on the ranks:

8. Britney Spears — DBI 81.8. The “Hit Me Baby One More Time” singer has landed a string of endorsements in her long career including Skechers, Pepsi, Polaroid, and Volkswagen. This year she also launched a fragrance under her own name.

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Slay the ranks Britney and show them why you are still the Queen of everything!