Britney Spears full interview with NME magazine is here!

brit 1.jpg

Britney’s full interview with NME magazine is here! Check out the FULL scans below:



Amazing interview and we are LOVING this new photo ^!

We noticed that Britney mentioned at the end of the interview that she may not see herself doing what Madonna is still doing today, but we are not jumping to ANY conclusions by that comment. Britney could have just been modest while answering the question or she really may not know what she will be doing in the future. We all can’t tell our future. We just take one day at a time and see where are path takes us! The Britney Army will always support Britney no matter what she decides to do, but right now there is no need to be upset over the comment. You know our girl Britney by now, she changes her mind a lot and also she says she gets bored very easily LOL 😉