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Jun 19, 2015

Britney Spears Duets: The Britney Galaxy Top 30

Creating a Britney list is dangerous territory, it is almost a guarantee that the Britney Army will disagree. The Onyx Hotel vs Dream Within A Dream, Blackout vs In The Zone, VMA 2000 vs VMA201…The list goes on and on. It is simple, if you create a chart, you are looking for trouble.. But will that stop us? Nope…

With Tom’s Diner and Pretty Girls both being collaborative efforts, it only seemed appropriate that we here at Britney Galaxy created a top 30 Duet List.

You are most definitely not going to agree with our positions 100% – so do not take our chart as the Gospel. Why not let us know what changes you would have made? Did we miss one of your all time faves? Discuss this in Universe and give us your version of the chart.

Deep breath, here we go..

30. Everybody feat Annie Lennox

Can we technically call this a duet, or really more of a vocal sample? Either way, Everybody kicks off our charts at 30. Why so low? Well although the track is flawless, Britney just simply has stronger duets. The best part of this track has to be the rap, it would be great if Britney would revisit this again in her next album, her breathy execution is not only sexy, but also very unique. However when it comes to the original Sweet Dreams, Everybody unfortunately does not match in comparison – so we can see why this was left out of the Blackout discography. Does not make this less of a club banger though..

29. I Will Still Love You feat. Don Phillip

If you were a fan of Britney’s during the …Baby One More Time era, this will make you feel very nostalgic. A perfect car sing along track, frozen literally has nothing on this… sorry, not sorry… Sad part is that Don Phillip truly had great vocals in this track, which makes his XFactorUS audition truly heart wrenching.. what happened? Poor guy..

Click here to see the difference in Don Phillips vocals – in his fan made Britney duet attempt Pleasure You.

28. Chillin’ With You feat Jamie Lynn Spears

Let’s face it, a Spears duet had to happen eventually and we are glad it did. The track is super cute and say what you want, but it is really personal. The changes in the beat are inventive and brings appeal to the track. Easy to relate to and a great song to listen to with your siblings, get the wine ready.

27. Soda Pop feat Mikey Bassie

Well, we assume it is Mikey Bassie… since the credit to the track is always, mysteriously, ‘the male rapper’.  This is the ‘Marmite’ track from …Baby One More Time, either you love it or you hate it. And if you hate it, our theory is that you actually do not, and you are just saying it to be different. How can you not love this beat and the cheesy lyrics, it has ‘feel good’ written all over it. The rap, the impressive vocals, the fun vibes – this track definitely deserves more credit than it gets. The clock is tickin’ and we just can’t stop. Bop shebop shebop!

26. Gimme More feat Lil Kim (Kimme More)

It’s Britney Bitch and Lil Kim ho… well, we can see why that did not catch on.. We accept that Bitch is a term of endearment, but call us a ho and you may have just taken it too far.. As for this remix, something just does not feel right, it feels like Lil Kim is all up in our grill and we feel a little uneasy.

There are parts where Lil Kim slays it and then there are parts where LiL Kim just talks over the entire track – it kind of feels like you are listening to your favourite song on the radio and the DJ starts talking over the best part… makes you want to drive off the road in anger if you know what we mean.. okay that was possibly a little dramatic.. Oh and the end? What happened? Did Danja get removed by an explosion?  Do we still love it? Hell yes!

25. SMS feat Miley

We just cannot help but to mash this track up with Salt ‘N Pepa’s ‘Push It’ – actually that would be a brilliant club mash, don’t you agree? Rapney makes another appearance, proving yet again how versatile she is. The problem with this track? The Britney segment is just too short, as is the track for that matter. Is it as strong of a duet as we were expecting? Probably not, but that does not mean that we did not love it regardless.  If we were to choose a Bangerz track for Brit to feature on, it would have been FU – that would have been a power track… but what is done is done. Oh, and team Miley, having a Britney feature and not making it a single is actually against the Gods… complete sacrilege.

24. It Should Be Easy – Feat Will.I.Am

There was a time, not so long ago, when there were so many Will.I.Am features, you could literally release an EP. Our first Will.I.Am entry,  It Should Be Easy, is undeniably a brilliant track and a brilliant beat, so why the lowest charting of the lot? Well, the over usage of the vocoder… This track could have easily been a single and whether you like it or not, would have topped the charts, but why oh why did they have to distort Britney’s vocals so much? It shouldn’t be complicated, we don’t know how else to say it..The beat however is insanely brilliant and would have gone down great in a club. Still one of our faves from Britney Jean.

23. Crazy feat Kevin Federline

Say what you want about this track, it is actually pretty great. The Britney hook is obviously the best part, but Kevin is really not a bad rapper at all. This whole arrangement deserved way more attention than it got. If it was released today, it would still be relevant. Now skip to the Britney break down and THOSE VOCALS!! They completely blow you away…that range!! Absolutely incredible!

22. What’s Going On Feat various

Technically that Gwen duet Britney wants, has already happened.  JT, Xtina, JLO, U2, Beyonce, Nelly Furtado, Backstreet Boys… the list goes on and on.. One thing is for sure, they do not do Charity singles like this anymore – the power in this list is actually pretty incredible. But most importantly – Britney’s vocals! So smooth and fits the track perfectly. For those who do not feel that Christina and Britney in a track would work vocally, really need to listen to how well their voices blend here… just sayin’. It seems like the world has forgotten about this gem, but really the track is pure genius and really, really, really good!

21. Drop Dead Beautiful feat Sabi

Steaming like a pot full of vegetables this track just misses out on our top 20. A very random collaboration, as no one had actually heard of Sabi until this point. In actual fact if you look at this performance, Sabi sure did try to milk the moment for as long as she possibly could. We also have a feeling that Beyonce got her ‘Sneezed on the beat and the beat got sickah’ inspiration from this track… That flu is contagious..

20. Kill The Lights feat Danja

Ok, yes, we agree, this is hardly a duet, more like an intro from Danja, but then technically, there would be quite a few of the songs on this list that would not qualify… there is a feature, therefore this is a duo… you will deal.

Make sure you catch me from my good side – pick one. Indeed – flawless in every possible way. This ‘Circus’ gem is just brilliant. Although this was released as a promotional type single, in the sense that a fan video was made from it, it just did not get the attention that it deserved. This page is torn straight from the Blackout book and we just want more Danja tracks, we cannot get enough!

19. Big Fat Bass – feat Will I Am

The first ever Brit.I.Am (yes, that is a thing now) collaboration takes our 19th spot. To be fair, every track on Femme Fatale was single worthy, and this is not an exception. Unlike ‘It Should Be Easy’ the vocoder was only used here and there, which added a special feel to the track and did not completely drown Brit’s flawless voice! The bass sure was big in this club banger and the chemistry between Will and Brit is great in this one!

18. Tick Tick Boom – Feat TI

The minute that this Britney Jean track was released, it had everyone talking – no not about how much it sounded like Dick Dick Boom – but mainly for how brilliant the track truly  is. Blackout stans were fan gurlin’ – Urbaney was back in town! T.I. was the rapper of the moment and the song had ‘single’ written all over it. Unfortunately – Britney Jean single releases came to a halt and many hits were left on the back burner. It felt like another Breath On Me moment all over again! Arguably, one of the strongest tracks on Britney Jean. Long live Tick Tick Boom. A perfect pairing– we would definitely like to see more of T.I. and Brit in future, if this is the type of tunage they can pump out.

17. Me Against The Music Chix Mix Bloodshy and Avent, Penelope Magnet

Now for a remix, this is pretty damn good.. but it has us wondering, was this the direction the track was heading before Madonna jumped on board? Penelope’s rap is slick, the beat is original, the ITZ sex appeal is on point, the breathy vocals, the hint of guitar – all of it together is literally pure perfection. Does it have more commercial appeal than the Single itself? Well no, but it sure would have had a lot of attention for it’s unique arrangement if it was released like this.

16. Get Back feat Danja

Another flawless Danja track, Get Back enters in at 16. This absolute club banger was once rumoured to be the first single off the ‘Blackout’ album and then mysteriously did not even make the final cut, unless you count the bonus track editions.. This could have easily been a chart topper, extremely inventive and so different to anything else that was released during that time. Danja bring the beat back…

15. S and M – feat Rihanna

When Ri-Ri asked her fans who they would like to have on her S&M remix – Britney was naturally the best pick and boy are we glad that they did. Some people may not agree and maybe we are being a little biased here, but this version is soooo much better than the original. These 2 pop legends are a match made in heaven and the world clearly agreed as this helped the track shoot straight to number 1. The performance to follow and the addition of S&M to the Femme Fatale tour were on all levels iconic. The sad part? No video, which we are still not over. Can you imagine how epic this video would have been? If there is a collaboration revisit that we would want – Bri-hanna would be it! A brand new track and an iconic video? Yes Please!

14. Scream and Shout Feat P Diddy, Waka Flocka, Hit Boy, Will.I.Am, Lil Wayne.

Many may not agree with the high placing of this track, but frankly they will just need to deal. The only thing we would change to this almost perfect remix would be a longer Britney segment – but other than that – it wakes up flawless. Due to the usual Billboard last minute changes (which seems to be a trend with Britney, Blackout anyone?) the track could not count towards the total sales of Scream And Shout ala S&M as they claim the track was so different, that it could not count as a remix. So, to sum it up, the track was punished for being too damn good of a remix. The music video was also on point and the B look will forever remain iconic. Would we like more tracks like this from Britney? Yes, in fact, a full album of more urban sounds would be exactly what we are looking for. This track has to be played on the highest volume your system has – otherwise you are just wasting that sick bass. Looks like everyone wanted a piece of the S&S success. A real pity not many people know of this version though… would have been major!

13. Pretty Girls Feat Iggy

TOTALLAY the track of summer 2015. The Invisible Men sure did a great job on the smasher. So why did we not chart this epic track higher? Well, the competition is tough from here on wards, and the track is just that little bit too short. The track would be flaw free should they have added a longer dance break. The video is obviously amazing, the choreography is on point and Britney’s vocals are amazing! And for those of you that thought there was a lot of vocoder, there isn’t – It is just the effect of both Britney and Iggy singing the chorus… Say what you want about Iggy, but her work on this project is epic! You can hear that they both really had a lot of fun with this track and the chemistry between the pair is second bar none. Pretty Girls – got us like bees to the honey!

12. Get Naked I Got A Plan feat Danja

You could easily argue that every single track on Blackout should have been a single and Get Naked is no exception.  Tracks do not get more original and unique than this, the Danja moans, the signature Britney, breathy vocals, the sex appeal, the bass, the lyrics… we can go on forever. We have no doubt in our mind, that if this was released – it would have gone straight to number 1. Danja and Britney are a match made in musical heaven. They have fans begging for Blackout 2 ever since. Get Naked is timeless. It is clear to see why Blackout is named as one of the most influential albums of all time. Have to admit – it does make you want to take of your clothes and find the nearest pole in the bar… so be thankful it never made it as a single or your clubbing experiences would have been ruined.

11. We Will Rock You Beyonce and P!nk

Britney, Beyonce, P!nk – just let that sink in…. yup, this happened. Even though it was for a Pepsi advert, the track was issued on promotional CD’s , so qualifies for our chart. Should it have been an official single – it would have topped every chart worldwide, that is a guarantee. We are still baffled as to why this did not happen… Britney’s vocals are perfect on this. Everyone brings such a different style to this song and mashed together is a collaboration made in pop heaven. Beyonce brings the diva power, Britney the smooth sex appeal and P!nk the rough rock… on paper this would not work, but in reality, you just cannot get more perfect than this… Should the track have made our top 10? Probably, but with such a flawless list, who would you kick out? Beyonce, P!nk – we think it’s time for round 2… our legs get weak just thinking of what you 3 would come up with..

10. Outrageous Feat R Kelly

Yes, this is a duet and we will not allow you to convince us otherwise… R Kelly features therefore it qualifies. Thinking about this tracks makes us all kind of sad. Due to a leg injury on the set of making this video (sniff), the single release became more of a radio promotion. No video, no single promotion, no Catwoman soundtrack (would have been the lead promotion single) and no Snoop Dogg. Why, oh why!! We will possibly never get over this.

Admittedly, Outrageous would not have been our first choice for an’ In The Zone’ single (Breath On Me takes that place), however the track still slays, hence our high placing!! Rumour has it the single release would have been a remixed version featuring Snoop Dogg, however we will never know. The vocals (just like every ITZ track) are pure perfection and the attitude and sass is so perfect, you can actually feel it with every note. This track would have slayed the world if it was released how it was intended to be released. At least we have the performances from the Onyx Hotel to make us feel better. Someone pass us the ice-cream bucket..

9. Tom’s Diner feat Giorgio Moroder

It was inevitable that this flawless remake made our top 10. To take an acapella song and create this iconic dance number is pure genius. The critics raved about the track and it is the most talked about collaboration off the Déjà vu album. The fact that this is not a single already, is beyond us. With no promotion and no video – the song is still charting high on the itunes chart. With some promotion and a flawless video – this track could easily sky rocket to the top. Yes, the use of vocoder was not necessary, but Britney’s raw vocals on this track still shine through. This is how you take a well known track and make it your own. Round of applause.  Da da da da….

8. Boys feat Pharell Williams

If you ask us, this track is highly under-rated. Release this today, it would smash the charts. It is better than 90% of the music that has been released this year, let’s be honest. Britney and Pharell are a power duo. From Slave to Boys, the signature sound is completely infectious. The video and the Austin Powers opening performance will forever be iconic. Although we love the original version – we have to say this version wins hands down! B’s in control…

7. Scream & Shout Feat Will.I.Am

When it comes to the Will.I.Am collaborations, this is the powerhouse of them all. Scream & Shout literally took over the world. The British accent is a brilliant addition to the track and the iconic ‘Britney Bitch’ usage was pure genius. The music video look was beyond perfect, as was the remix video for that matter. This track will be played in clubs and your local wedding after parties for years to come… give it 50 years and you will be that person at the party swaying your walking stick around as soon as the opening beat drops…  Undeniably brilliant! Turn, turn, turn it up!

6. What it’s Like to Be me – feat Justin Timberlake

We refuse to let this one go.. yes, we know Justin barely features on this track, but the fact remains – his vocals are there, therefore, this is a duet. How this did not make it as a single? No one will ever know and in the same breath, how on earth is this the only duet we have of the 00’s power couple? A perfect fit to the Britney era, the vocals are undeniably great and the combination of their voices works so well. If you take Justified and N*SYNC’s Celebrity album and mash them together in one track – this would be the result, pure pop perfection. The sad part? This is probably the last ever Justney collab… it makes us cry just thinking about it…

5. Me Against The Music feat Madonna

WHAT? We hear you… how can you have a duet chart and not have’ Me Against The Music’ at number 1?? Well, although, it is one of our top 5 – we just feel that some duets were stronger…. We are treading on broken glass here, aren’t we? Either way, this track is undeniably one of the best collaborations of all time. The 2 powerhouse queens of pop on one track, was a guaranteed success. The guitar, the vocals, the beat, the video, the dance, the Madonna sass – all on point. You just cannot get a more powerful collaboration than this.. it is literally impossible.. when will your faves…

4. I Got That Boom Boom feat Ying Yang Twins

Shawwwttaaay we gonnna go to the club and get crunk with Britney! In The Zone was a perfect album, not a single flaw – every single track could have easily been a single and all would have topped the charts. This flawless track was due to be the second single from ITZ until some very last minute changes were made and Toxic was chosen instead. Although we fully agree with Toxic being a single (it is after all one of our fave songs of all time), but it would have been epic if this smash got single treatment too. The southern  beats are strong in this track and a music video would have put ‘Timber’ to shame. If this song does not make you want to get up and shake your stuff – well then you have no pulse.. easy as.. Twillilly Twillilly..

3. Like A Virgin ft. Madonna ft. Christina ft. Missy Elliott

Technically this is a performance and should not really make our charts, but as it was added as a track to Madonna’s album Revised and Revisited, it sure does count! First What’s Going On and now this – proves that Christina and Britney would be able to make an epic collaboration together and their voices would blend so well. The only reason this does not top our charts, is purely due to the fact that it is a performance and we do not have a studio version – but other than that – this would be the top collaboration of all time. Madonna, Britney, Christina and Missy… the heart attack rates on this day must have been at an all time high! As if the collaboration was not already iconic – they went and added that kiss! Unfortunate for your faves, but this will never, ever be topped – ever! There is nothing that anyone could ever do to top this moment.. you will just have to deal.. if you skip to 0:32 – even Beyonce spazzed out.. too much to deal with..  The smug look on all 4 of their faces towards the end.. they just knew they created the best performance the world has ever seen..

2. Till The World Ends – Nicki Minaj and Kesha

How can you not place a song that references fried chicken at the top end of the charts? We are going to go as far as to say that this is the best Nicki Minaj rap ever… yup, you heard us correctly, the best! Is this remix sickah than the original? Well, that is a hard one.. ‘cause they are both completely flaw free. so we opt out on choosing. The fact that Kesha wrote this song made this collaboration personal – which is why it all just gelled so well. This song deserves to be on constant repeat! We are still disgusted that ‘Till The World Ends’ did not get a Grammy and even more appalled that the remix did not get one either. The only problem we have is that the song did not have video treatment (sniff, sniff, cries) – other than that we cannot spot one single flaw.. Let’s dance, Bitch!

1: Gimme More feat Danja

Does this count as a collaboration? Well, Danja features quite a bit, so we are going to have to go with a yes. If you do not like this track, you are lying. There are no Ifs’ or buts’ about it. The first time the iconic ‘It’s Britney Bitch’ was used, who would have thought it would become such an established catchphrase. It is almost like you cannot say Britney without the addition of bitch anymore… In fact the line is so iconic – every singer is using Bitch next to their name now. Gimme More was a game changer, it literally set a new standard for pop and R&B. They do not call Blackout one of the most influential albums of all time for no reason. The formula was just pure perfection – people are still using it to this very day. The vocals are so perfect, it almost seems effortless. Should this have topped our chart? Yes, without a doubt in our minds. Whether this is a true duet or not is debatable, either way. the Britney and Danja pairing is unstoppable! Give us MOAR!!

So there you have our version of events! Do you agree? Let us know what your chart would look like by clicking the Universe link below.

P.S. – as the Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, NSync and Madonna ‘Human Nature’ duets were not released on CD, we decided not to include them in the duet charts… however we will have a separate chart for duet performances soon… but we will leave you with this epic Michael Jackson performance as a teaser..