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May 16, 2016

Britney-Galaxy EXCLUSIVE Reveal! #B9


Let’s do it for the BRITNEY ARMY!!!!

In honor of Britney performing at the Billboard Music Awards, we figured we would kick-start your week with another taste of B9. Now you all know Britney-Galaxy promised not to post any album-related news unless Britney confirms it, but considering it’s going to be an iconic week and the fans begged us for MOAR, Britney-Galaxy wanted to give you another sneak peek at what’s to come!

Drum Roll Please…….

gif 7

The three possible B9 tracks are:



Slumber Party

gif 4

So to backtrack on possible songs on B9, they are as following:

Slumber Party
Make Me (Oooh)
Private Show
Just Luv Me
Invitation (which BG released exclusively first)
Just Like Me
Man On The Moon

And we can also reveal Phoebe Ryan wrote more than one song for the upcoming project!

seek 2

This is getting us more excited for Britney’s upcoming album #B9ney! With these titles, the track-list is starting to take shape! I like it, like it come on!

What do you all think of the song titles?! Discuss it with us on our Universe forum!