Britney-Galaxy EXCLUSIVE interview with Willie Gomez! @williegomez @britneyspears

willie 2 had the chance to chat with Britney’s flawless dancer Willie Gomez.

Check out our exclusive interview with Willie below:

1) What was it like when you first found out you’d be dancing for Britney on the Circus tour?

It was a bit of a shock to be honest as I had only been living in LA for 3 months and then I book my first world tour with the artist that inspired me the most to become the performer I am today.

2) Do you have a favorite routine you’ve done with her?

I have more than one haha.. Let’s say on circus tour I loved performing Piece of Me, Boys, Get Naked the most and on this residency my faves to do are Womanizer’s new break, Gimme more, Break the Ice, and I love Rock n Roll.

3) Have you ever been lead choreographer for any particular number?

I’ve never been a choreographer for Britney but you never know, of course I’d love to!

4) Do you have any pre- or post-show rituals?

Yes! Coffee before almost every show and I need my 30-20min full warm up before hitting the stage.

5) What is it like being recognized by the Britney Army when you’re out in public?

I think it’s pretty cool you know, everyone is always so sweet!

6) What is it like working with the other dancers in Vegas?

It’s great! Most of us knew each other prior to working on this show… We are all like a big happy family!

7) How do you stay in shape and what’s your nutrition regimen like?

Well right now apart from my 3-4 shows a week I also get myself to the gym which its where I do weights for about an hour 5-6x a week… There’s also some weeks I hike, do yoga too…
I also like to treat my body right by eating clean mostly 🙂

8) When did you know you wanted to become a dancer?

Well I remember being about 13-14 years old and I used to love learning choreographies in my living room in front of my tv off music videos and tv performances so I always had a passion for it.. When I turned 15 I decided I wanted to go try out a dance class and I never stopped from that day.

9) What’s one thing about working for Britney you really want fans to know?

I’m sure yall know this one already! SHE’S A SWEETHEART.

10) What is the one thing about the revamp that you like?

I love that we get to dance to some new songs which its great after 2 years, also how good and sexy boss mama looks

11) What song do you want most to be added to the Piece of Me set list?

Overprotected!  I think a lot of you are with me on this one..

12) What artists other than Britney inspire you as a dancer?

Janet Jackson, JLo, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé..

13) Would you like to dance with any other star besides Britney?

If the opportunity comes of course, I’d love to perform with Janet, BeyoncĂ©, JLo, Rihanna…

14) Have you ever jumped off the Toxic tree just for fun?

I haven’t yet but it looks fun right? Haha

15) What past Britney Spears performance do you wish you could have been apart of?

Onyx Hotel era

16) For Piece of Me, which number was the hardest to learn and which one is your favorite to perform?

The hardest to learn I think was womanizer… It’s all about lines so it has to always be super clean since it’s not so much about groves..

17) How often do you all hang out together outside of the show and rehearsals?

It depends.. Sometimes every other day and other times we all want to be home resting or catching up on other things.

18) How does it feel to know your dancing with a woman who is widely regarded as a legend in terms of pop music and dance?

Its kind of crazy to read the question because it’s so true you know, I’ve been with her for so long that I sometimes forget.. I mean it’s an honor and dream come true of course!

19) Are you guys adding new material to the show going forward or still keeping it the same revamped show?

I know Britney wants to, so hopefully yes!

20) Anything you would like to say to the Britney Army and our readers??

Just want to thank everyone for the immense support that I always get from you guys the BArmy.. Really means the world and I’m forever grateful xo

Thanks for the interview Willie. The Britney Army appreciates you very much and thanks for always being a HUGE supporter of Britney-Galaxy!

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