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Dec 18, 2016

Britney-Galaxy.com has some exciting new things coming!

Hey Britney Army!

First we would like to say thank you VERY much for always being very supportive of Britney-Galaxy.com. We can now officially say we are the BIGGEST Britney Spears fan site in the entire world and we have over thousands of readers everyday and each day we increase in viewers. Britney-galaxy has been around for over 3 years and we have always done; streaming hours, giveaways, nominating Britney for everything, voting hours, featuring the Britney Army and much more. Now that the new year has come around we want to keep Britney-Galaxy.com fresh! Here are some new things we will be adding to Britney-Galaxy.com:

Twitter Shoutout:

1)Every two weeks we will be selecting a fan twitter account and give them a personal shoutout on our social media account

Super Britney Army Fan of the Month:

2) Each month we will be selecting a super “Fan” of the month and they will be our SUPER BRITNEY ARMY FAN OF THE MONTH! We will be reaching out to the lucky van VIA social media so be sure to be following us on twitter, Instagram, and facebook!

Write a Letter to Britney:

3) Since Britney is known to always be lurking our website we figured to feature a “fan’ letter to Britney. You can write the letter to Britney-Galaxy.com at [email protected]

Fan’s choice Britney song of the week: 

4) Each week we will be creating a poll on our social media on what the fan choice song of the week is and we will feature that song at the end of the week.

Meet and Greet Stories:

5) We have always been doing this in the past but we wanted to remind you all that Britney-Galaxy features any type of meet and greet stories with Britney Spears during any concert. We normally post “Piece Of Me” stories, since that is the most current performance Britney has going on, but we will feature old meet and greets as well!

Fan’s Choice Britney video of the Month:

5) Each month we will be creating a poll on our social media on what the fan pick music video of the month is. When the month ends we will post the fan favorite music video!

Wednesday Stream Day

6) Every Wednesday we will be streaming ANY Britney Spears song on all social media platforms!

Sunday Music Video Day/Boost views

7) Every Sunday we will be watching ANY Britney Spears music video to boost up the views and Each week we will be having an update post on Britney’s current music video numbers! #RoadToCertification

Britney-Galaxy of course will continue to do what we have been doing since day one with; streaming hours, giveaways, nominations, voting hours, trending hours and so much more! Thank you all for being very supportive of Britney-Galaxy.com and we can’t wait to give you a taste of some fresh new things! If anyone has anything they would like to see on Britney-Galaxy.com more PLEASE let us know by emailing us at [email protected]!Happy holidays everyone and we LOVE you all VERY VERY VERY much!


The BG Staff