Britney fan, Kristine, battles cancer @britneyspears

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Let us introduce you to Kristine Felizardo, a 25 year-old member of the Britney Army who has been battling an advanced stage of lymphoma. Kristine’s current condition involves the growth of two tumors (one on her chest affecting her ability to breathe and one on her lower back). She also suffers from impaired organ functionality, as some of the organs have been compromised by the cancer cells that have been spreading throughout her body.

Kristine reached out to and has asked us to help share a video that she made with the world in hopes that her idol, Britney Spears, will see it. Kristine shared with us that she has been a huge fan of Britney’s since the beginning! “When I was in second grade, in the year 1999, my classmate brought Britney’s …Baby One More Time cassette tape and played it inside the classroom. I immediately fell in love with the song and bought my own [copy] on the same day. She inspires me very much,” she says. Kristine then continued on, telling us how much she loves that Britney’s adores her fans. “Britney is a great performer! She has this positive vibe that she brings out when she goes out on stage. As a normal person, I think she’s awesome. She values her fans.”

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In honor of Kristine, her friends have made a Facebook page titled “Team Kristine Britney,” and together they have created a video that they hope will one day reach Britney. “Anyone who has ever known Kristine would know that she’s a big Britney fan. One word from Britney would make her immensely happy, even as she fights the hard fight against cancer,” her friends tell us.

We hope that Britney sees this video, and our prayers are with you always, Kristine! The Britney Army will be thinking of you through these challenging and difficult times. We love you, Kristine!

Click here to see the video