Brent Labarko Meet and Greet with @britneyspears! #PieceOfMe

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What an ADORABLE picture!

Check out Britney Army member, Brent Labarko, meet and greet stories:

I’ve met her on the femme fatale tour when she filmed the DVD in Toronto and then twice in 2015 during the Las Vegas shows. Once back in February and the other this past Wednesday. All 3 of my stories are pretty similar. As hard as it is to do I honestly treat Britney just like a normal human being when I meet her. All three times I basically walked in extended my hand to hers and introduced my self and said hi Britney it’s nice to meet you. She always shook my hand and smiled with that beautiful smile of hers and said nice to meet you in such a soft spoken southern voice. We always posed for the picture then I told her what I wanted to say. The first time I told her I thought she was very beautiful and told her she was an amazing entertainer she blushed smiled and said awe why thank you. The second meet n greet I told her I’ve seen many performers in my life and told her she has the best stage presence that I’ve ever seen and she said thank you so much and I hope you enjoy tonight’s show. Then finally this third meet n greet was my favorite. I walked up on stage and seen her behind the backdrop and then I was put on hold for about 60 seconds because she was scrolling through the camera looking at previous photos for whoever was up prior to me so I had some extra Britney time. Once she was done looking at the camera she then said come on over we shook hands again and smiled at each other and before I could even put my arm around her she had already pulled me very close pretty much cheek to cheek with her arm around each other and we took the picture. I basically told her how amazing she is and she said thank you so much. It’s really hard to get out much more than that because I do nothing but blush when I meet her because she is so adorable. But I just wished her luck again and that was basically it. I’ve always loved Britney Spears since day one when …Baby one more time was released. I always thought she was such a beautiful girl with an amazing voice and electrifying dance moves. Her music just has such catchy beats that make you wanna dance till the world ends. I’m a mobile disc jockey and always play her music and support her. I love Britney so much and what I like the most about her is how mentally strong and confident she is. I feel when I see her live it’s equal to seeing an Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson perform. I’m fearful of flying so I drove 34 hours from Pennsylvania twice this year to meet her. I’ve seen her perform total 21 times during her career and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The meet n greet is totally worth everything! Thank you Britney-Galaxy for letting me feature my story, I love the site!

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