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Mar 23, 2016

Billboard: Britney Spears 10 Best Music Videos! @britneyspears

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It’s just me against the music…..

Our friends over at Billboard listed 10 Best Britney Spears music videos:

Oops…she did it again and again.

Setting out to rank Britney Spears’ videos is, of course, a near impossible task.

She’s had so many that instantly come up as a must-include, both when discussing her oeuvre as well as music video categories at large. Wish to discuss best dance breaks? Must include Spears. Want to break down best school-set videos? Must include Spears. Want to discuss the best music video fashion? Must include Spears. You get the idea.

So, with the caveat that she’s had way more than 10 winners over her career, we present 10 of the best below. Note that these are solely for videos; as much as possible, we tried to leave the songs out of it, meaning that personal empowerment faves like “Stronger” just missed the cut, even though Brit’s chair dancing was something to behold. (Plus, never forget, she conducted lightning with her hand). We also have to give honorable mention props to “I Wanna Go”; the video itself may be sort of forgettable — although we’ll never complain about seeing Happy Britney — but the “Cross 2: Cross Harder” sign on a movie theater automatically earns it some LOL points.

Without further ado, Britney’s top 10:

Check out the list:

1. “Toxic”
“Toxic” expertly melded all the things people love about her into four minutes of perfection: There was the fashion (bedazzled nude body suit, stewardess outfit, wigs!), a perfectly early-aughts elaborate video concept, unexpected visuals (jumping out of the sky onto a motorcycle), and of course, some dancing to a seriously killer track (for which Spears received her sole Grammy win). Take it away, Brit:

2. “Oops!…I Did It Again”
If the turn of the century ever needs to be put in a time capsule, the video for Spears’ lead single off her sophomore album of the same name needs to be included. It’s a frothy pop fever dream, complete with a reference to Titanic, a red leather unitard, and even a jaunt to Mars. The choreography to the chorus is arguably Spears’ best-known, and there’s a level of goofy fun present throughout that helps explain the enduring appeal of Spears and her music videos.

3. “…Baby One More Time”
Britney burst onto the scene with a high school-set video that instantly made her a star. Like all her best videos, the fashion and sets are distinct high points all on their own, but taken as a whole, Spears’ first time out of the gate is a teen dream that instantly showed everyone that she was one to watch.

4. “(You Drive Me) Crazy”
Sometimes this early-days video is forgotten between “Baby…One More Time” and “Oops!,” but that would be a mistake. This is the first time Spears — donning an iconic green midriff-baring top — dances her way right into the world’s heart. Dated cameos from Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier add to the fun, with an end result more fulfilling than the delish ice cream fountain Brit shows off.

5. “Lucky”
Lucky is certainly different than many of Spears’ videos, but it’s definitely one worth re-watching. Playing herself as well as an actress, what the video lacks in dance breaks it makes up for with emotion. Just watch Spears sprinkle glitter throughout the sky and try not to cry.

6. “Womanizer”
We’ve spoken of comebacks before, and while this one certainly borrows heavily from “Toxic,” it was still a treat for fans. When you know what works, why mess with it?

7. “I’m A Slave 4 U”
Featuring Spears at her sexiest (and sweatiest), the vid for the hypnotic tune finds the singer grinding and dancing her heart out. With her enviable abs on display, Spears reminded everyone why she was considered the ultimate pop princess

8. “Me Against The Music”
At the time when the song dropped, this video — which featured a dance-off with Madonna — couldn’t be more popular. It features one of Britney’s all-time best dance breaks, and the fashion (hats! sexy menswear!) and styling keep it memorable to this day.

9. “Everytime”
​The rare Britney ballad is often heartbreaking, and this one comes fully loaded with a couple shots that rank among the most memorable moments for Spears. Her running down the all-white hospital hall, as well as the ending in the bathtub, showed that even when Spears wasn’t busting a move she could still create moments worth watching.

10. “Circus”
The term comeback is thrown around often in Spears’ career, but “Circus” was certainly a later-years highlight. This polished video gave fans what they wanted to see — Brit manages to bust a few moves — while also bringing something different to the table. We won’t complain about Britney dancing her way through some kind of house party, but it’s a nice treat to see something new.

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