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Nov 2, 2016

BG exclusive interview with Britney’s dancer Jae Fusz!

Britney-Galaxy.com had the chance to get an exclusive interview with one of Britney’s flawless backup dancers, Jae Fusz! Check out Britney-Galaxy’s exclusive interview with Jae below:

1) What does it feel to work for one of the biggest Pop Stars in the world?
It feels amazing. I grew up idolizing Britney and learning all of the choreography to her music videos as a teenager. It definitely is a dream come true and I am having the time of my life.

2) How often do you get to hang out with Britney outside of rehearsals and shows?
Not too often. She very busy and as you know a mother of 2. But every now and then shell take us out to dinner or plan some activity. Most of the bonding time is done in rehearsals where we spend hours with her getting the routines together. She such a fun spirit to be around so its always a good time and never really feels like work because we all are loving what were doing.

3) What’s is your favorite song to perform?!
My favorite song to perform is probably gimme more. Its such a sexy song and the choreography really matches that. When the show started we only performed have of the song choreographed by the “squared division” then when we revamped the show they added the full song and “charm” choreographed the rest which I think give it a cool feel having two choreographers work in the same song.

4) What was your reaction to when you found out you were dancing with Britney Spears?
My first job with Britney was the femme fatale tour in 2011. I auditioned actually in a small private call of about 50 dancers and they were looking to add 3 more boys to the tour (they already had a cast of dancers from the promo). We learned “hold it against me” and slowly they cut people until it was only 3 of us left and then they said “weblike to offer you the job”. I couldn’t believe it I was in complete shock I still get chills thinking about it.

5) What is Funniest moment on stage with the Piece Of Me family?
Theres this part in the show during slave where were in this water thrown dancing and being sexy. I slip on the water practically every night and I’ve given up hope I just laugh now lol

6) What is it like having Britney Spears as your boss?
shes such a sweet heart and its a blast sharing the stage with her and being a part of her legacy.

7) What song would you want Britney to cover so you can dance on stage to it?
hmmmmmm. I don’t know about cover but one of my favorite Britney songs is “toy soldier” and I would die if we performed that

8) If you could have been part of one of Britney’s other world tours, which would you have choose?
definitely “dream within a dream” and “onyx”

9) Do you guys play pranks or tricks on one another?
usually the last show of a tour you play pranks which hasn’t happened yet in this show but I’m sure it will hahah. The last show in femme fatale during a number all the guys came out in just underwear. Britney couldn’t stop laughing the whole number lol

10) Which song(s) off the new album “Glory” do you hope will be added to the Piece of Me set list?
my favorites are “if I’m dancing” and “love me down”

11) What is your favorite song off “Glory”?
theres too many to pick from lol

12) Do you have “day jobs” or do you solely rehearse and perform with Britney?
no day jobs but on our off time I do other dance jobs as well whether its on tv or with other artists

13) Did you ever picture yourself dancing with Britney Spears?
not in a million years but I’m enjoying every minute

14) Did you always want to be a dancer?
ever since my first dance class at age 15 and I knew I could make a career out of it I knew it was what I wanted.

15) How often do you all rehearse ?
unless were adding new stuff to the show we come in a few days before each new run in Vegas and rehearse

16) What is your Favorite Britney Spears song?
again way to many hahaha.

17) Which Britney Spears music video do you wish you would have been in?
slave hands down

Thanks for answering our questions Jae! The Britney Army loves you VERY much!

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