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Nov 14, 2015

Austin Pence meet and greet story with @britneyspears! #PieceOfMe

austin meet and greet 1

Goofney strikes again!

A flawless Britney Army member named, Austin Pence, meet Miss Spears last night. Check out his story below:

Shaking from the moment I saw Fe, I knew I was in for A NIIIIGHT! started the backstage tour seeing props (the wings) and learning the secrets behind them, then heading up to wardrobe. I can’t believe I was within two feet of actual circus your costumes and numbers from POM. Learned about the shows technical stuff (pyro and water elements) before waiting to meet Brit Brit.

we all stood in a line backstage and one by one we went up to the holy spearit I was second in line. I stood behind the step and repeat feeling calm and ready (after goofing off with Fe five seconds beforehand). She was looking at the photo from the previous m&g and made a funny face walking back to her spot. I saw her as I turned the corner and said “I saw that face” lol so jokes were started instantly. Everything (everything) is still a blur, but I just remember telling her how gorgeous she looked (which obv., but seriously she looked so friggin’ adorable with that hat.. C’mon) it all happened so fast and as she was turning to take the photo I asked her if we could take a goofy photo-gotta be different. “Aw sure,” she told me as we posed with our best funny faces. I shook her hand and left in my own puddle of tears. I was sure I blew it. I felt like I was so awkward and messed it all up 🙁

Show was amazing even before she took her shoes off the ought the second act it was great. Met for my merch bag, which was a VIP laminate and an authentically signed poster. Afterwards, I met Fe to pick up my photo. I was nervous about it because I needed this photo to be PERFECT… So I walked up to Fe apprehensively and she handed it to me saying “Brit told me this one was her favourite”. I am sooooo happy with my photo and if it’s Brit’s fave, then I gotta love it! Joked some more with Fe before taking a bunch of pics with her.

I was and still am on such a high. Easily, the best night of my life. Thank you Britney for a moment I will never forget

AW! What an AWESOME story and your picture came out GREAT Austin!