Alexandra Alvarez Meet and Greet story with Britney Spears! #PieceOfMe @britneyspears


Britney Army member, Alexandra Alvarez, met our Queen last night and wanted to share her M&G story with the Britney Army! Check out Alexandra’s story below:

This was my first time meeting Britney, and though I was very excited I was also a nervous wreck! Luckily I had my best friends Claire and Rob with me to calm my nerves. Our night began when hair and makeup came up to our room and worked their magic. Claire and I wrapped gifts for Britney, Fe and Jamie and headed downstairs to get in line. We were greeted by Britney’s backstage tour coordinator and sweetest human being on the planet, Fe, and began the back stage tour. We got to walk the stage, see Britney’s dressing room and see major props used in the show. Then, as Fe was explaining prop specs Claire elbowed me and nodded her head to the left. I looked over and there is Britney freaking Spears not even ten feet away from us sneaking behind props and being escorted up to her dressing room by security. Claire and I kept silent and continued to listen to Fe even though I was dying inside. 30 minutes later, the tour ended and it was time to meet Britney.

Claire went first and after what seemed like a lifetime I walked up to Britney and introduced myself. She said Hi! and then she put her arm around me and we took a photo. Then something just took over me, I somehow grabbed Britney’s hand and held it up by my chest and said “Britney I just wanted to tell you something. I saw your concert when I was a little girl and you stopped in the middle of the show and said something that really stuck with me. You looked out into the crowd and said ‘Whatever you do, never ever lose your passion to dream.’ I just want to thank you for that because I’m standing here in front of you today and all of my wildest dreams are coming true.” She tilted her head and said “Awwww sweetie” and she hugged me! Britney hugged me!!! She smiled at me, looked over at Larry and Robin and said “I did say that. I remember!” I told her that I hope she has a wonderful show and she said “thank you so much sweetheart” and she then waved bye to me. It was so bizarre the entire time I was holding Britney’s hand she was looking me straight in the eyes and I could tell she was listening and getting emotional as I got emotional.

I looked over and noticed Claire was still there on stage by Robin and Larry watching my entire interaction with Britney. Thank god she was there by me because after we walked down the stage I WAS A MESS!! I walked out the backstage door in tears. Like sobbing, I ran by past everyone waiting in line to meet Britney. I was such a blubbering mess I left my purse and phone behind. Thank god for Claire! After the meet and greet we took our seats and enjoyed the show! When we picked up our pictures after the show Fe saw me walking up and grabbed my photo book and said “Yours turned out so good! You look incredible.” And it did. I could not be happier with how our picture turned out!

This entire experience exceeded my expectations by far!! Britney and her team we’re so incredibly sweet and accommodating. My childhood dream finally came true and it is such a remarkable feeling. I’ve never felt more happy and at peace in my entire life. Thank you to Anthony and Britney Galaxy for sharing my story.

AW! Glad you had such a great time Alex!! Thank you for sharing your story with us!