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Aug 6, 2016

A message to the fans…..


To the Britney Army and Britney-Galaxy readers:

Britney-Galaxy has always been and will always be a haven of sorts for Britney news and positivity for fans across the globe. With that being said, we see all of you crying out about this current  and decisions regarding the “Make Me”music video.

The Make Me music video isn’t what was originally shot. We see you. We hear you. We understand. You feel like you can do more. You feel like a giant facepalm moment. You’re sad, angry, pissed and emotional.

We get it. But you have to stay POSITIVE!!

Britney Spears is our HERO. She is our champion and reaches a multitude of facets of our emotions and lives. She touches on different layers of who we are. She is our girlfriend/wife of almost 20 years for the oldest fans. She has made history, overcome criticisms and is a pop music legend and pop culture icon. She is a living legend amongst lessers. She IS pop.

Don’t get discouraged. The Glory era is just beginning and the music and promotion are just beginning. Britney has said this album is her baby and you can tell she has put her heart and soul into this album! She has worked SO hard on this album and truly is delivering for this era. Britney is happy, healthy, motivated and truly ALIVE for this time in her life and career. Try to match her in those aspects!

Let Britney and her team do their things respectively. It’ll all work out; it always DOES. We have come through so much as a fanbase and as friends and as an ARMY! Don’t quit now! It’s okay to be upset and have a difference of opinions but be respectful of Britney and her team and the decisions she/they make in regards to her career.

We hear you.
We see you.
We love you.
We won’t ever stop being here for the Britney Army!


-Anthony & Matt