If you were, like us, glued to the TV to watch the iconic, ‘…Baby One More Time,’ Grammy’s performance that Britney flawlessly executed back in the year 2000, you will be feeling extremely old right about now… 16 years! 16 whole (Britney jampacked) years!

Britney, as per usual broke boundaries and delivered a performance that was not stereotypically the ‘Grammy’s’ and left everyone in awe. It was clear, from this very day (…and every other day), that Britney was a force to be reckoned with and it was advised not to stand in her way as you are guaranteed to be run over!

One of the Grammy’s producers, Ken Ehrlich even had the cheek to use Britney’s name to gain some recognition, by calling the performance a ‘mistake.’ Of course the only mistake is his opinion… He did after all get what he wanted, following his blasphemous comment, the media world went absolutely crazy and corrected him by stating the obvious, that this is in fact one of the most iconic performances of all time and the only mistake the Grammy’s made that year was not giving Britney the Grammy she hands-down deserved.

Britney did not only slay us with this epic performance, her red carpet appearance was just as smoking! Pure perfection!!

Let’s not forget that awesome opening outfit Britney wore whilst belting out, ‘From the Bottom Of My Broken Heart.’

Celebrate with us by taking a trip down memory lane and watching the performance all over again.

We tried our best not to try and replicate the Michael Jackson inspired dance moves, it was just impossible! Happy Birthday ‘Grammy’ Spears!