Spotlight on Britney Army fan Jason Greene!

It’s that time y’all!

Today we are featuring flawless Britney Army member, Jason Greene! Check out his interview and how he became a flawless Britney Spears fan:

What started you to love Britney Spears? 
My love for Britney started at age 10 when I first saw the video for “Baby One More Time” on MTV. I thought that she was the prettiest girl in the world and the song/video was unlike anything I’ve ever seen/heard! I instantly fell in love and knew that this girl had a lot of potential to be a big star! I devoted myself to becoming one of her biggest fans!
What was your first Britney Spears concert? 
My first Britney concert was “Circus Tour” back in 2009. The first concert of hers which was SUPPOSE to be my first was “Onyx Hotel Tour” back in 2004 in Cleveland, Ohio. Unfortunately, that date was canceled. Overall, I have seen Britney 4 times in concert – “Circus Tour,” “Femme Fatale Tour (2x)”, and “Piece of Me!”
What is your favorite Britney Spears concert? 
Even though I did not attend this tour, my favorite tour of hers is “Dream Within A Dream.” It was so theatrical, magical, and just done very well overall! I also enjoyed her “Piece of Me” Vegas show for all of the same reasons!
What is your favorite Britney Spears song? 

This has always been a very tough question for me. I don’t have a particular favorite Britney song because she has so many great hits that it’s hard to choose just one!
What is your favorite unreleased Britney Spears song? 
“She’ll Never Be Me” was an instant favorite unreleased song!
What is your favorite photoshoot? 
My favorite photoshoot is the V Magazine Photoshoot!
Have you ever met Britney before, if so explain what you said to her!
I have not met Britney yet but I have faith my day will come in the future! Even though I haven’t met Britney, I am very blessed to have met her longtime assistant and friend, FELICIA! She truly is an angel and I was starstruck just meeting her! We love you Fe!!!
What is your favorite Britney TV moment? 
My favorite Britney TV moments are ALL of her VMA performances!
Favorite Britney Quote? 
“Onstage, I’m the happiest person in the world!”
Why do you love Britney Spears?
What I admire most about Britney is how much of a down to earth person she is! She is very sweet, humble, and a great performer! I’ll never forget Oprah Winfrey saying how she and her staff thought that Britney was the “nicest human being they have ever encountered!”
Favorite song off “Glory”? 
My favorite song off Glory is “Liar!”
Has Britney helped or inspired you in your life?
Yes! I have had personal struggles in my life and Britney’s music has always helped me pull through! She has also had struggles and hard/sad times throughout her life and taught me to be a survivor and rise up regardless of what has happened in my past!
Are you seeing Britney’s “Piece Of Me” tour? 
Unfortunately, I will not be seeing Britney’s “Piece of Me” tour this summer but I do look forward to seeing her again in the future!
Favorite memory Britney has done in her career that you loved?
I just love seeing her meet fans and hearing fan stories all the time!
Are you looking forward to new Britney Spears music?!?!
YES!!! I ALWAYS look forward to new Britney music!!!
Has Britney Spears ever sent you anything? 
During the “Femme Fatale” era, there was a contest called “Famos” to be the “Lace and Leather” guy onstage. I did not win contest but I did receive an autograph photo of Britney addressed to me specifically which I framed!
Anything you would want to tell Britney if she was reading this? 
Britney, Thank You for being a positive part of my life these past 20 years! You truly are an inspiration for me and countless others! I hope that I am truly blessed to meet you one day! It would mean the world to me! I love you!