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Dec 9, 2016

Slant Magazine chooses ‘Glory’ as the tenth best album of 2016! @britneyspears

Did someone call for a legend because we have one right here!

Slant Magazine ranked the bests albums of 2016 and Britney’s new album “Glory” came in at number 10:

Britney Spears, Glory

From Glory’s opening “Invitation” to its (deluxe edition) closer, “Coupure Electrique,” it’s no surprise that Britney Spears stocks her latest album with expressions of uncontainable horniness. What is surprising is the degree to which her agency in the act is emphasized, and how sex here is rarely an act of exhibition. Songs like “Private Show” and “Do You Wanna Come Over?” yearn for a specific intimacy, a moving expression from an artist whose public relationship with sexuality once seemed disturbingly out of her control. The album’s key lyric comes from the single “Slumber Party”: “We use our bodies to make our own videos.” Glory is an album-length reclamation of Britney’s sexual autonomy.

Very well deserved!