OH EM GE: Britney Spears just announced her new album titled: #Glory!! #B9

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The moment is finally here everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Britney Jean Spears finally reveled her upcoming new album title “Glory” which will be available on August 26th on iTunes. Britney also tweeted that we will be able to pre-order the album tonight at midnight ET and also we will get a new song “Private Show” with the pre-order!!!!!!! Below is the iconic cover art of “Glory”

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#Glory. My new album & the beginning of a new era. Available 8/26 on @AppleMusic. Pre-order tonight at midnight ET.

Pre-order #Glory and get #PrivateShow instantly ?

The beginning of a new iconic era is coming Britney Army! Are you ready Britney Army?!?! Britney-Galaxy.com has tons of promotional campaigns coming your way!!! Stay tuned!