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Sep 3, 2016

Joseph Miranda Meet and Greet story with @britneyspears! #PieceOfMe

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Britney-Galaxy.com has always been the “home” to the Britney Army and we also LOVE featuring the Britney Army on our mainpage. Check out Britney Army member, Joseph Mrianda, meet and greet story with Britney Spears:

My name is Joseph Miranda,and I would like to begin by saying I have been a fan of Britney since I was 9 years old. There is so much about her that makes her special. I grew up to Britney, and I always wanted to get the chance to meet her. I started thinking about meeting her, and saving up when I found out that she was going to do 2 more years in Vegas. I saved, and saved with the help from my Loved ones to buy the meet and greet ticket. When I finally had enough, I bought the ticket for the date of 4-15-16. I could not believe my dream was about to come true. A couple months flew by, and it was time to meet Britney. I was so nervous, and worried that I wasn’t going to be able to speak to her because I’m a very shy person, and it’s hard for me to meet new people. Around 12 in the afternoon on Friday April 15, I arrived to planet Hollywood to pick up my ticket for the show. I was so excited.I came back around 6:30 were we line up. I remember my family watching me line up with tears in there eyes because they new my dream was about to come true. The group was took to the theater, were we met Fe. Fe is such a nice lady. She started talking about the rules, and then Britney’s mom came out. She looks so much like Britney, it’s crazy. Fe then took us to the theater were we walked on the catwalk. Fe walks fast, and she made a joke because I was keeping up with her, and everyone was left behind,lol. She told us about the theater, and were we will be sitting at, Britney will spot us and know were her number one fans will be. I thought that was cool. It was awesome to be on her stage were Britney performs every night.Fe then showed us the props, and introduced us to the band, and people who worked back stage.After that part was finished Fe took us to the wardrobe room were we met people who work, and design Britney’s cloths for the show. I remember it was so hot in that room. When we left the design room, the tour was about to end and Fe made us all touch the me against the music prop.
The tour ended, and I asked Fe if it would be ok if I gave her a hug and asked if I could take a pic with her. She said of course we can. I was so happy. We were then lined up to meet Britney. I was so nervous.We were told to respect Britney by not touching her, and to keep calm and just be happy to meet her. One by one people were meeting Britney, until it was my turn. My palms were sweating, and I could not believe the moment I was waiting for was about to come true. It was so cool because when I was waiting, I remember seeing Britney’s silhouette threw the prop were we take the picture if that make since. Anyways it was my turn, and I walked up this ramp, and turned the corner of the prop and I met up with Britney. Omg, inside I was so nervous but I kept my cool. I said hi Britney my name is Joseph, and she said hi nice to meet you in a very sweet voice.She pulled me tords her, and gave me a hug. I put my head on her shoulder and we took our picture. After we took the pic, I guess I was to in shock because I started walking off until I hear Britney say it was nice to meet you. I then turned around and said thank you for everything you do, and told her it was nice to meet her too. We were then told to go back to theater, and watch the show. That night will be the best night of my life. It was a dream come true. 🙂


Thank you Joseph for sharing your story on BG! If any other fans would like to share your meet and greet  story please contact Britney-Galaxy! We also have a lot more new fan features coming up very soon, stay tuned……;)